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What are the safety devices for solar street lights?

What are the safety devices for solar street lights?


The Solar Street Lamp uses solar energy as the energy source. The solar battery panel is used to charge the battery during the day. At night, the solar battery panel and the controller are used to control the battery to supply power to the light source, so that complicated and expensive pipeline laying is not required, and the lamp can be arbitrarily adjusted. The layout design is safe, energy-saving and pollution-free, requires no manual operation, and is very reliable and maintenance-free. So, do you know where the safety equipment of Solar Street Lights reflects safety? The following spectrum solar street lamp manufacturers will come to a brief introduction:
1. The quality of LED light source The light source of Solar Street Light generally adopts LED light source. Because LED light source has its specific advantages, the warranty period of general LED light source is 3 years, and LED does not emit too much heat during use. This reduces power consumption and increases the life of the light source;
2, will not suddenly extinguish the solar street light energy supply is the use of solar cells, when there is rainy weather, it will also illuminate the road for people, there will be no sudden extinguishment, and the solar street light is using DC power, The probability of a problem is very small;
3. In the absence of light for a few days, the solar street light can still ensure that the solar street light is powered by solar energy, so if there is no light, how can the solar street light operate normally? Spectral solar street lamp manufacturers take these aspects into consideration when designing the solar Street Lights themselves. We generally set them according to the local rainy weather. The local solar lights are designed for a few days without rain. Street lights, general solar street lights can last up to one week without illumination.
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